Anna Scott picture
Anna Scott
Kendall Jones picture
Kendall Jones
Vice President
Carolee Coleman picture
Carolee Coleman
Elly Piatt picture
Elly Piatt
Abigail Loy picture
Abigail Loy
Member Educator
Lexi Remshak picture
Lexi Remshak
Personnel Chair
Kenna Carroll picture
Kenna Carroll
Recruitment Chair
Gigi Hill picture
Gigi Hill
Panhellenic Delegate
Sydney Glenn picture
Sydney Glenn
Marketing Director
Kendall Reynolds picture
Kendall Reynolds
Director of Programming
Maya Malawi picture
Maya Malawi
Social Events Director
Courtney Lee picture
Courtney Lee
Sisterhood Director
Ellie Zugger picture
Ellie Zugger
Campus Activities Director
Abby Darpel picture
Abby Darpel
Career and Personal Development Director
Maddie Maser picture
Maddie Maser
Alumnae Relations Chair
Megan Ansert picture
Megan Ansert
Foundation Ambassador
Nina Seal picture
Nina Seal
Facility Manager
Kasey Sprague picture
Kasey Sprague
RIF Chair
Bailey Pierce picture
Bailey Pierce
Recruitment Team Member
Cassie Peyton picture
Cassie Peyton
Personnel Advisor
Sara Wiles picture
Sara Wiles
Scholarship Advisor
Emily Mistretta picture
Emily Mistretta
Cardinal Cabinet Advisor
Emily Minner picture
Emily Minner
Recruitment Advisor
Jenna Hollinden picture
Jenna Hollinden
Recruitment Advisor